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Moonbroth 2: a breakdown

who did what where to whom and why. when

Challenge to Clan War Making

The Places

  • Tada’s High Tumulus
    The Unicorn Riders, with Lara and Kleio rained arrows down on the Lunars and rode into the fray
  • Dwarf Knoll
    That’s where the rally point was. What were the Mostali up to?
  • The Pairing Stones
    Oghma did mischief, Porthor did a sacrifice, and Ty rallied the troops against the Lunar charge. Radak was slain and Sitzmag was captured.

The People

* The Great Forces

- Golden Arrow Clan & Allies: including members of the clan guarding the stones, Rhino riders, the clan militia, Ty
- Lunar Faction, w. Sitzmag Redmoon and Radak the Iron Centurion
A double failure: they could not clear the locals from around the Stones, and they could not guard the ritual being conducted by the Lunar Field College.
- Golden Arrows Wyter: who we now know is Orlanth, but appeared in the guise of a “Silver Prince”

* Tada’s High Tumulus

- Lara and the Unicorn Riders
- Kleio the Storm Bull, looking down at the creepies

* Moonbroth

- The Survey Team of the Field Detachment of the Lunar College of Magic
- Shamans of the Morokanth
- Stayn, messing with the Morokanth
- Syph, drawing out an ancestral Sable Spirit

* Dwarf Knoll

(a mustering point for the Lunar Forces)
- Radak the Iron Centurion and the Imperial Guard
- Sitzmag Redmoon and the Sable Riders

* The Pairing Stones

- Ty & the GA militia, Rhino Riders, Bullford support (pledged to defend the Stones, not a permanent military ally)
- Oghma building a clay effigy of Orlanth in the tabernacle near the Pairing Stones
- Porthyr and the farmers of the Golden Arrows